About Us

During enslavement the Sunday Market represented a place of sharing, engagement and freedom.

The enslaved used the marketplace to share their possessions/ fruits of their labor and engage with one another about various occurrences on the plantation.

Similarly, The Sunday Market Network is a Trinidad-based media space where young individuals can freely share their knowledge and engage in respectful and insightful discourse on social matters of importance.


What We Do

Sensitise on pertinent social issues in the Caribbean

Amplify voices in our society

Motivate people to become knowledgeable on social issues

A virtual market place facilitating popular Caribbean discourse

As the premier hub for youth driven and fact-based content, we aim to :

  • Provide spaces for Caribbean youth to share their knowledge on issues.
  • Be a reliable and ethical source of information for young adults.
  • Encourage respectful/thought-provoking conversations amongst young adults.

Latest Posts

Decriminalised not Legalised.

he law undoubtedly influences the use of Cannabis, thus, it is important to have a general understanding on how the law ‘accepts’ cannabis use. To help in this regard, this article will also consider cannabis laws in Jamaica and Canada as they seem to be popular when speaking of cannabis laws in the Western Hemisphere. 

The Crime Corruption Commits: Impacts on Poverty and Income Inequality 

Corruption has traditionally been at the basis of economic crises, inequality, forced migration, and violence, among other things. People die as a result of corruption when poverty increases, or when the medications they are given are old or of poor quality due to corrupt health officials, or when a bribe allows a businessman to bypass…