How to travel in the Caribbean on a Budget

Our neighbouring islands have so much to offer. Each can boast of their unique flora and fauna, Festival and Culinary (gastronomic) Tourism. Geographically we are so close, yet, when it comes to traveling and the cost involved, we can feel so far. After speaking to many people in Trinidad and Tobago about their travels within the Caribbean, it’s no surprise that most have visited no more than two islands within the region.

The Importance of Climate Change: The Economic Cost of Caribbean Vulnerability

The current global climate crisis refers to the long term negative changes that are taking place around the world as a consequence of climate change and global warming. Changes that are resulting in the modification of global temperatures, weather, and sea levels among other key environmental indicators. The consequences of these changes present an urgent threat to humanity as we know it, threatening our air, water, and food resources. 

What does the Paris Agreement mean for Trinidad and Tobago?

Still to sign the Agreement are major emission countries of Turkey, Iraq and Iran, however, our beloved nation of Trinidad and Tobago has ratified the agreement since February 22nd, 2018 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.  Upon ratification, immediate legal obligations are imposed at an international law level. This means Trinidad and Tobago has given consent to be bound by the provisions in the treaty.