The Crime Corruption Commits: Impacts on Poverty and Income Inequality 

Corruption has traditionally been at the basis of economic crises, inequality, forced migration, and violence, among other things. People die as a result of corruption when poverty increases, or when the medications they are given are old or of poor quality due to corrupt health officials, or when a bribe allows a businessman to bypass certain procedures and standards.

How to travel in the Caribbean on a Budget

Our neighbouring islands have so much to offer. Each can boast of their unique flora and fauna, Festival and Culinary (gastronomic) Tourism. Geographically we are so close, yet, when it comes to traveling and the cost involved, we can feel so far. After speaking to many people in Trinidad and Tobago about their travels within the Caribbean, it’s no surprise that most have visited no more than two islands within the region.

Preserving the Culture Part 1: The Moko Jumbie

One of the most important traditional characters in Trinbago Carnival is the Moko Jumbie and last Saturday, Sunday Market Network visited Jaiso Mokos at the Queen’s Park Savannah where they hold their weekly stilt walking lessons. We also spoke to one of the leaders, Malique Toppin who is very passionate about keeping the art form alive and was even able to give us a little background about the history of the Moko Jumbie in T&T!