Opinion: Oppression within Carnival 2022

The proposed ‘Taste of Carnival’ that was launched for citizens to enjoy and to bring some much-needed relief to those who depend on the sector for their livelihood, was a clear example of how we unfairly  treat those who lack money and status. Leaving one to think about the oppression felt within Carnival, an oxymoron that does not contradict when you pay close attention to the events that occurred this year.

Geo-political influence on crime in T&T

Essentially, our geographic location that’s nestled between South and North America coupled with our porous borders which have significantly impacted the type of crime that occurs and the frequency of such crimes.  In this article, we will explore how our geographical location makes us a hotspot for illegal international activity and how that has trickled down into our society, creating an environment that no longer looks like a paradise. 

Preserving the Culture Part 1: The Moko Jumbie

One of the most important traditional characters in Trinbago Carnival is the Moko Jumbie and last Saturday, Sunday Market Network visited Jaiso Mokos at the Queen’s Park Savannah where they hold their weekly stilt walking lessons. We also spoke to one of the leaders, Malique Toppin who is very passionate about keeping the art form alive and was even able to give us a little background about the history of the Moko Jumbie in T&T!

Migrantes venezolanos: Trinidad & Tobago and Refugee Law

Migration between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago is not a recent phenomenon. We have seen the influence of this migration in certain aspects of our culture without having to name them. However, recently the discussion has shifted now labeling Venezuelan migrants as refugees and questions are raised as to the legal obligations of Trinidad and Tobago in aiding those who seek asylum. So what’s the answer?

Using the Cards We Are Dealt: Venezuelan Migrants and Economic Growth in T&T

Due to Trinidad and Tobago’s proximity to the crisis-stricken nation, we have experienced a significant amount of legal and illegal immigration of Venezuelans that are fleeing the exponentially deteriorating way of life in their native land. The mass migration of Venezuelans has now shown that they are one of the single largest population groups displaced from their home.